Sean Carroll Photographs & Projects
On My Block_Orange Tree and Front Door.jpg

On My Block

ON MY BLOCK :: 2004-2006

The pictures in this project were taken on my former city block and the streets that adjoin it in Italian Williamsburg, a Brooklyn neighborhood that was in the throes of gentrification at the time. Acting as part anthropologist, part humorist, my movements about the neighborhood were that of a casual detective, noting things and documenting the subtle habits of my neighbors, along with the inaccuracies and conflicts I found out in the street. The images are a visual journal of my neighborhood. They are a collection of the forgotten, mundane, and overlooked clues that provide insight into the unseen characteristics of a neighborhood in which I was still searching for my own place. In photographing my neighborhood I transformed these mundane situations found in my daily life into emotional experiences and attachments, poetic pieces of my life in Williamsburg.